Caring for Your Phalaenopsis Orchid

Caring for Your Phalaenopsis Orchid. There’s nothing quite like a Phalaenopsis Orchid for a sophisticated yet low maintenance flower.
These exotic beauties simply make an ideal houseplant.
Orchids can also be a lasting investment as they can be kept for years if treated well, re-flowering many times and staying in flower for months at a time.
Discover tips on how to take care of your orchid, just one of Floral N5’s ( many offerings along with flower delivery in Glendale.

Light the way:

Place your orchid in a well-lit space, but never in direct sunlight.
In their natural habitat, orchids grow latched onto the trunks of trees and enjoy indirect light that passes through the canopy.

Gentle temperatures:

Orchids are well suited to indoor climates and do best in temperatures in the range of 63 and 84 °F (17 to 29 °C).
Make sure to keep them out of drafts and maintain a well-regulated temperature inside to avoid causing harm to the plant from rapid temperature changes.

Keep it moist:

Orchids are a tropical flower, and prefer humid climates.
Try to give your orchid consistent moisture and keep it out of dry environments.
Spraying your orchids with a mist of water is not advised however.
Instead, place your orchid on a tray of pebbles filled shallowly with water, but make sure that the pot is not sitting directly in the water.

Water wisely:

Never over-water your orchids!
Over-watering is much more dangerous than under-watering, and is a quick-fire way to kill your orchid.
Instead, be judicious and observe your plant.
If your orchid is kept in a pot with bark, it will usually be fine to water once a week.
If it is potted in moss, it will retain more water and need to be watered less frequently.
Prod the soil with a finger or measuring stick to check if the first inch is dry and water if so.
For best watering practices, water in the morning, with tepid water from the tap.
Run it through for about a minute, then let it drain completely.
Stick to the roots and avoid watering the flowers and leaves.