Great Benefits of Parenting Grandparents for Grandchildren 

Great Benefits of Parenting Grandparents for Grandchildren. Grandparents have an important role to play in the lives of their future grandchildren.
Grandparents have the right to request a court visit if parents married and then divorced, his parents are still married, but they live separately and there is a court order regarding the separation.
Do grandparents have rights to see their granchildren so that they can continue a strong bond with their grandchildren? 
If the grandparents and parents agree about the visit, they don’t have to go to court.
If they disagree, in some situations the grandparents may be able to get a court order saying they can visit. 

Grandparents do not have the automatic right to see their grandchildren against the objections of one or both parents.
That’s because the law considers parents to have the right to raise their children as they see fit with a few exceptions.

Generally, the court ruled that the law violated the rights of the parents to make decisions about the child’s care, custody, and control.
Although the law makes no specific mention of grandparents, grandparents are the third-party children have the most contact with. 

Grandparents have a lot to offer their grandchildren by having a close relationship, such as wisdom, knowledge, mutual understanding between generations, as well as a strong emotional connection that is different from an emotional connection with parents, even though both are equally important for emotional development. both grandchildren and grandparents said Dr. Carol Atkinson, Ph.D., LMFT, a licensed psychotherapist, quoted from Romper.

In addition to the above, these are the benefits if children have a close relationship with their grandparents

  1. Lower emotional and behavioral problems 

Research conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford found that children who were close to their grandparents had less emotional, and behavioral problems than children who were not close to their grandparents.
It may come as a surprise to some, but grandparents can really influence life in a number of different ways. 

  1. Fewer symptoms of depression

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Social Issues found that adults with stronger ties to their grandparents had fewer “depressive symptoms” than those who didn’t, especially if they were also close to their parents. 

  1. A higher level of self-confidence

According to Atkinson, not having a close relationship with grandparents can make someone value themselves and also have lower self-esteem. 

  1. Intermediary with parents

The New York Times News Service reports that children who are not close to grandparents actually have more difficult relationships with their own parents.
Grandparents can act as intermediaries, give you advice, and help you and your parents when you have parental problems.

However, if you don’t have a relationship with them it might make things a little more difficult.
Great Benefits of Parenting Grandparents for Grandchildren.
Seeing the development of the grandchildren of infants, toddlers, toddlers, and then starting school makes grandparents enthusiastic to take care of themselves to stay healthy so they can see the growth and development of their grandchildren.
This makes the grandparents more enthusiastic about maintaining health, for example by regularly taking drugs and exercising.