Health News and Reviews From Lips

Health News and Reviews From Lips. Some people think that the problem on the lips is only about dry or cracked.

But the fact is, the lips have more than one million nerve endings and are far more sensitive than our fingertips.

The lips in fact must have special care that is not haphazard.
Health News and Reviews From Lips

Health News and Reviews From Lips

Sometimes our lips signal that we have some health problems and this is very important.

Quoted from Here are eight lip conditions that signal that humans have health problems:

1. Chapped on the corner of the lips

When salivary water seems to clot in the corners of the lips,
and make the skin dry or cracked it can be a cause of an infection.
Especially if the condition is coupled with frequent licking of the lips to keep it moist,
it will create more perfect conditions for the infection.
If this happens, don’t hesitate to check with your doctor.

2. Dry and Chapped Lips

Dry lips
Lip Shutterstock Makistock
Dry lips turn out to indicate not only the dry part of the mouth,
but the state of the whole body that is less hydrated.
It might also be because of the climate or even because of stress.
It is recommended, drink plenty of water or use lip balm.
In addition, consider also the circumstances because it could be attacked by allergies.

3. Lumps on the Lips

Two cysts that often occur if a child likes to bite his lip
Cysts like small balloon-shaped lumps can appear in the mouth area of ​​children who have a bad habit of biting the lower lip.
Lumps on the lips can be painful or at least make the lips feel uncomfortable.
Maybe we often ignore these lumps and think they will disappear over time.
This condition can be an injury that occurs after injection of hyaluronic acid or can be a reaction to food that is not suitable.
Often the cause is a viral infection, such as herpes, and needs proper medical care.

4. Redness Circling the Lips

One of the most common reasons for redness that circles around the mouth is lip dermatitis.
Licking the lips repeatedly dries the natural oils from the skin around the lips and makes them red and itchy.
Get used to using a good lip moisturizer to moisturize the lips without saliva.

5. Wrinkles in the Upper Lip

This condition can have physical or emotional problems.
It could be because drinking too often using a straw or maybe smoking too often because of stress.

6. Changing Lip Color

Lip with a bluish tint indicates poor oxygen circulation in the blood, the same condition can also occur in the fingers and toes.
Meanwhile, white or pale lips can indicate anemia, which actually requires medical attention.
It may also be that we have low blood sugar, circulatory problems, or lack of vitamins.

7. Swollen Lips

Lip Makeup is more charming with a matte lipstick smear
Swelling of the lips can occur due to allergies.
If we have ever used a product that turns out to make the lips swollen, keep the product away from the lips.
If it doesn’t heal, seeing it to the doctor will reduce the risk of being worse.

8. Black Spots on the Lips

Dry lips
If black spots appear on the lips, it cannot be left alone.
The best choice is to diagnose them by going to the doctor.
Hyper pigmentation is a common condition that can cause brownish spots.
Maybe not only on the lips, but also on the cheeks, nose and forehead.
Sunspots can also be an excuse.
And it could be a sign of pre-cancer, it’s better to see a doctor directly.
Or maybe, your body might absorb too much iron from the food you eat.