How Can Increase Fertility?

How Can Increase Fertility? Eating Lots of Beans Can Increase Male Fertility.

Beans contain high protein and fiber which not only makes you healthier but also saves special benefits for men.

He said, eating nuts regularly can help increase fertility, you know.

How Can Increase Fertility?

How Can Increase Fertility?

This new breakthrough was discovered by experts from Rovira I Virgili University in Spain who studied nearly 120 men aged 18-35 years.
All participants in the study were asked to adopt a western-style diet,
but some of them were given an additional 60 grams or about two handfuls of nuts in their diet.

After applying the diet for some time, researchers took blood and sperm samples from participants.
Then, from the results of these tests, the experts found that nuts are proven to increase male fertility.
This can be seen from the sperm parameters consisting of the shape, number, and speed of motion.

If examined deeper, the number of sperm of men who regularly eat walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts has increased by up to 16 percent.
In fact, the motility or movement of sperm is 6 percent faster when compared to men who do not eat beans.

Keep in mind that the good or bad quality of a man’s sperm is determined by the shape, number, and speed of motion.
If the sperm parameters are good, then this indicates that your sperm quality is reported by Healthy News and Reviews

When sperm are owned by men of high quality, then this can increase male fertility.
In other words, sperm will more easily penetrate the egg until fertilization occurs.

You might be wondering about the relationship between eating nuts with male fertility.
In fact, peanuts are only considered a healthy snack that supports the stomach and has nothing to do with sperm quality.

Judging from the research published in the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology journal in 2018,
experts used walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.
The three types of beans turned out to contain various important nutrients that can improve sperm quality.

These nutrients include protein, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, antioxidants, vitamin E, zinc, and selenium.
This combination of nutrients turns out to help ripen sperm while protecting sperm from free radical damage.

In addition, these nutrients can also control male testosterone.
As you might already know, testosterone is a male sex hormone that produces sperm.

When testosterone is produced low, the quantity and quality of sperm will certainly decrease.
Whether in terms of number, shape, so that the movement speed is less than optimal.
Meanwhile, if you regularly eat nuts every day.

Then the hormone testosterone will increase and make sperm become more qualified.

This surprising finding would certainly be a breath of fresh air for those of you who want to have a baby soon.
Especially if you experience fertility problems that cause pregnancy programs never work.

Unfortunately, there are no specific benchmarks regarding how much beans you should eat.
Experts are actually still hesitant to recommend nuts as a solution to male fertility problems.

The experts themselves still need further study and analysis.
Because the research sample used is still limited to healthy and fertile men, not men who have fertility problems.

However, this research shows that everything you eat can affect the quality and quantity of sperm.
The healthier the food, then your fertility will certainly be more optimal.

Therefore, the best way to increase male fertility is to eat healthy and nutritionally balanced foods.
Besides nuts, other studies have shown that foods high in antioxidants such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and mangoes can make sperm healthier.

Nutritionist and founder of Nutrition Online counseling service, Lauren Manaker,
also encourages you to increase eating nuts, seafood, chicken, and omega-3 food sources,
all of these foods are considered to help increase male fertility.

Shhh, Sleeping Without Underwear Can Boost Male Fertility!

Health experts believe that sleeping without underwear can boost fertility.

There are two types of men in this world.
Those who sleep complete with clothes and pants, and those who sleep as they are – aka naked.

If you belong to the latter type, it looks like you deserve to be proud of these “eccentric” sleeping habits.
The reason, a number of health experts argue that sleeping without underwear can improve male fertility.
So, what’s the connection? The following is a complete review compiled

When talking about sperm health, there are three important factors that must be taken into account: sperm count, sperm shape, and sperm motions.
If there is just one of these three factors, then your risk of fertility problems or even infertility can increase.

The type of underwear you use more or less affects the health of the testicles.
As a sperm producer, the testes can produce sperm with good quantity and
quality if the surrounding temperature is not higher than your body temperature.

This is the reason why the testes are located outside the body.
If the temperature of the testicles is too hot, even just rising a few degrees from normal,
the testes will not be able to produce sperm optimally.

One type of underwear that can increase the temperature around the testes is a type of tight underwear or briefs, including boxer briefs.
Some researchers reveal tight underwear causes blood flow to the testicles is blocked and makes it not free to breathe.

As a result the temperature of the testes increases.

In the end, this can reduce the amount of sperm produced.
This indirectly causes poor sperm quality.

A decrease in sperm quality due to increased temperature does not only occur due to wearing tight underwear at night
but also the choice of underwear that you wear during your activities during the day.
Previous research has also shown that exposure to hot temperatures and tight clothing has a negative impact on fertility.

Sleeping without underwear will make the testicles more free to breathe so that the testicles can produce healthy sperm without obstacles.
However, this is still the pros and cons.

Other research revealed that no effect was found from the type of underwear that was worn on male fertility.

Sleeping without pants is also better for penis health
Exposure to high temperatures in the groin area will make you sweat easier.
Wearing panties all day without giving your sex organs time to breathe for a moment can be a soft nest for bacteria
and fungi that are happy to live in a dark, warm, and humid place.

This makes you more susceptible to yeast infections, which also harm health.
Removing underwear when sleeping can be an effort to keep genitals clean.

The rest, whether it’s to maintain fertility or overall intimate organ health,
try to wear underwear that absorbs air and sweat during the day, for example, cotton underwear.

Do not forget too, make sure the cleanliness of the mattress and bed first before deciding to sleep without underwear while sleeping.

For types of food that might help fertilize the womb, you can eat the following foods:

1. Meat

You can eat beef and low-fat chicken. Besides containing a lot of protein, it also includes foods rich in iron.
You are advised not to consume more than three servings every day.
According to research, excessive consumption of animal protein can actually reduce fertility.

2. Protein plants

If you are a vegetarian or want to find alternative protein foods, you can eat soy (tempeh or tofu), peas, or peanuts.
Besides being cheaper, this food is also lower in fat and calories than meat so that body weight can be maintained.

According to experts, eating animal and vegetable protein can increase your fertility.

3. Fish

A good substance to optimize your reproductive performance is omega-3 fatty acids.
These substances can be found in fish such as salmon, sardines, and catfish.

But there is a concern that fish can be contaminated with mercury, substances that can be harmful to the womb.
But you don’t need to worry if this type of fish has low levels of mercury.

To be safe, you are advised not to consume more than 12 ounces a week.
If you are still worried or don’t like fish, you can get the benefits of omega-3 from almonds, walnuts, and omega-3-enriched eggs or DHA.

4. Dairy products

Besides being good for bone health, dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, are also good possibilities for your fertility.
Choose products that are low in fat or free of fat.

5. Complex carbohydrates

Maybe all this time you have only consumed carbohydrates from refined grains or refined carbohydrates like white rice and white bread.
Try now replacing it with products made from whole grains or complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat bread or whole grain cereals.

Foods made from whole grains have essential nutrients for fertility such as vitamin B, antioxidants and iron.
These nutrients have been lost in processed carbohydrates.

Besides, there are studies that say, consuming refined carbohydrates can increase blood sugar and insulin levels.
This increase can interfere with reproductive hormones and disrupt the menstrual cycle.

In fact, these two things must run normally if you want to get pregnant. But vice versa if you consume complex carbohydrates.

6. Foods containing zinc

This substance is very important if you want to get pregnant.
Zinc can facilitate the menstrual cycle and increase the production of quality eggs.
The best source of zinc can be found in oysters.

However, if you have difficulty finding it or don’t like it, you can take the benefits of zinc, even if it is less, in eggs, dairy products,
whole grains, beef, and chicken.

7. Sweet Potatoes

These foods are rich in vitamins which are good for fertility.
Although it is not certain, according to several studies, the possibility of sweet potatoes have substances that can stimulate ovulation.

As an additional intake, you can take special vitamins or multivitamins to cover nutritional deficiencies
that you might not be able to get all from fertile foods alone.

This the explanation that can be conveyed, hopefully, helps. thanks.