Laser Marking is Popularly Used in Medical Devices

Laser Marking is Popularly Used in Medical Devices. The following laser machines are different from laser engraving.
However, both use lasers. marcatura laser Machines are commonly used for marking metal and non-metallic surfaces.
This laser can also be used to create logos such as company logos in the form of letters, numeric patterns / graphic forms.
Laser Marking is very often used all over the world.
Especially in the cutting, marking, stamping, embossing, and engraving industries.

By using this laser, it will be easier for you to mark which parts you will target.
You can also use this laser using computer media.
The trick is to install special software.
Even though it has limited functionality, this one laser is sufficient to help entrepreneurs display their logos on each of their products.
Armed with special software, you can also take advantage of this laser very easily.
Simple and very functional.

The Laser Marking process is what happens when the laser light is interacting with the surface of the material.
Which can slightly change its properties or appearance.

How Does a Laser Marking Machine Work?

This is achieved by moving a low-power laser slowly across the material using a method called discoloration (color change).
Which creates high-contrast markings without disturbing the material.
This laser beam heats the material, causing oxidation beneath the surface and turning the material black.
It wears a low temperature for the metal, making the surface shiny.
This marking process is carried out without injuring the surface of the material, the process is complete and the material is kept intact.

Laser Marking differs from Laser Engraving and Laser Etching in several ways, namely:

This way it is neither common nor all places offer this service.
Laser marking, also known as laser coloration or laser dark-marking, is also used for marking plastic materials and polishing metal surfaces.
There are 4 types of laser marking: annealing, carbon migration, foaming, and coloration.
This method is popularly used in the medical device industry for stainless steel and titanium, but can also be used for other materials.
Laser Marking is very suitable for Barcode, UID code, QR code, logo, and other identification needs.
Laser Marking is Popularly Used in Medical Devices