Monday, June 21st, 2021

Relieving work-related stress by employing various relaxation techniques

Work-related stress is real and its effect thus bites hard. While it’s normal for work to cause stress, ways of relieving stress are less known and talked about. provides articles on the importance of workplace stress management and how to practice relaxation techniques.

Different companies specialize in providing their clients whether they are CEOs, start-up founders, freelancers, and small business teams with the support they need in managing their mental health and wellbeing via some of the preventive measures they offer. Research has shown that stress is the leading cause of physical illness, with over 25 working days lost each year in the UK (according to the Mental Health Foundation), this is a serious dip in productivity levels.

Relaxation techniques to adopt at work to relieve stress

There are different techniques but choosing your anchor is the best route, as you stick to what works for you. Relaxation techniques help you reduce the excessive tension in the body while helping you stay relaxed at work.

Finding the right mental health exercise and relaxation technique might take a while as people respond to activities different but in the long run, it is usually worthwhile. Many relaxation techniques can be done on and off the desk.

Reading a book or magazine to chill out

Take a break from work and pick up your favorite novel or magazine and get lost in another exciting world, this provides a good distraction from a stressful situation and is proven to bring you into a calmer state.

Making yourself a cup of coffee

It’s often advised to move away from the table, making yourself a cup of coffee or tea. There is also a routine activity called tea meditation, in some companies, it is also referred to as chatting with a co-worker during a tea break.

Focused breathing

Research has shown that when we are engrossed in a lot of work, we often breathe more shallowly, so it’s advisable to focus on breathing by holding and exhaling as this can bring more oxygen into the bodies, and calm one’s thoughts.

Run errands away from your desk

Instead of asking a colleague to help you run your errands, get off the desk and move to the other department and get the USB disk to the clerk officer, this is a very welcome distraction that would help you in moving around while still helping you relax some muscles that may have been stiff from prolonged sitting in one location.

Get off social media

Workers are known to fiddle a lot with their phones especially when they feel tired from working, but this could be a very ugly way to relax. Unless the job requires that you are on social media, take a break off social media apps, this does offer instant stress relief. Studies have shown that regular social media usage can have a negative impact on an individual’s wellbeing.

Pick your relaxation technique and what works for you as what a friend fancies could not fit your schedule or lifestyle.