What You Need to Know About Healthy and Fitness Apps

What You Need to Know About Healthy and Fitness Apps. Most activities that would have previously been done elsewhere have been shifted online. Students study from home, parents work from home, companies are marketing online, and a lot of others.
Healthy and fitness inspiration has also been drawn online, basically meaning everything is shifting.
There are thousands of healthy and Fitness applications out there for you to choose from.
Some of these apps are gender-specific, others owed by very big sports companies, some are meant for beginners while others are for professional athletes and some are completely free while others offer a free package and a premium.
For this article, we are going to look at the things you need to know about them, from their categorizations, features offered, and their payment plans.


Statistics show that there are over 166,000 health applications.
However, not all apps offer the same services, there are some specifically made for fitness and others fall under other categories.

1.  Nutrition and Diets Apps

You might be after losing weight, reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases, or for any reason best known to you.
Managing your diet is an essential part of your health and fitness.
Most of these nutritional apps are calorie-counters, they are designed to calculate the number of calories you have consumed and burnt.
All you have to do is key your weight goal and the type of food you have eaten.
Some will generate for you a meal plan or a special diet plan and some will connect you to nutritionists and healthy lifestyle experts.
Some of these diet apps include Fatsecret Calorie counter, Lifesum, My diet Coach, Myfitnesspal among others.

2.   Physical fitness and exercise apps.

This is the most common and broadest category of Health and fitness apps.
They major in workouts. Each of them has something unique that sets them apart from each other.
They are some physical fitness apps that have a very well-established logbook where you get to key in your workouts and exercises that you’ve done during a particular time.
Also, some of these apps have combined features on workouts and diet plans or you can even link/pair them with other devices like your smartwatch, which will automatically collect data from your exercise and reflect it on your phone to help you keep a better track

3.  Training and Coaching apps.

These apps will direct you to a personal coach or trainer.
They are usually paid for. It is just logical because no one is willing to offer personal training for free.
With these apps, you ought to be careful about which app you’ll settle for.
Because there are a lot of applications to choose from and the end goal is to get one that is a good value for money.
I suggest you read reviews on Reviewsbird which will help you know how good or bad the product or service you are opting to select/ buy is.

Payment Plans

Here, you will have to look at the pricing rate and the features you receive from it. Some premiums are worth the pricing while some are not.
To make a good decision about what premium to pay it is important to check some consumer responses about Healthy App Reviews.
This will also come in handy for when you need to filter what you want from a fitness app and what you don’t, you’ll have to look at the features these apps offer.
Some apps offer nice features that are not available in other apps or it’s available but only after purchase.

Disadvantages of Fitness Apps.

While a lot has been said about why you should use a health and fitness app, there are still some demerits that should not be overlooked.

·       Robotic Automation

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the whole process of getting customer assistance from a robot.
Well, a lot of these health and fitness apps are operated by robots, and when you find one that is not, then you will be required to pay a lot of money to get a personal trainer or coach.
We are after saving money and still be able to get the same premium experience.
To solve this problem of automation, you should probably consider doing it yourself by enrolling in a home-based fitness program.
To give you a lead,  you can check Undersun Fitness, a company that offers individual home workout plans/programs in addition to their sports merch.

1.    Most apps do not provide community support

I love having a background cheer. It can be a group of friends or family to help me through my lifestyle change.
With a fitness app, this important aspect is missing.
While some are comfortable working out on their own, the majority require support and encouragement.
No worries, you can choose to go the old-fashioned way of working out.
As there are still a lot of community fitness programs that will give you the sense of support and motivation you need to start your health and fitness program.